Sanna-Maria Ojanen

Goldsmith and entrepreneur Sanna-Maria Ojanen is the heart and soul of MOSH Jewelry. Sanna-Maria made a long career in applied mathematics, but surviving depression led her to change her path completely. During her studies for goldsmith Sanna-Maria discovered her creativity, style and inner peace. This became the starting point for MOSH Jewelry.

MOSH Jewelry’s collection is inspired by heavy music. Music has given Sanna-Maria strength in different points of her life and she wants to pass this strength on to everyone who wears her jewelry. The collection also reflects Sanna-Maria’s background as mathematician. Her jewelry combines straight lines, pure geometric forms and beautiful, Nordic design.

MOSH Jewelry’s jewels are mainly made of gold, silver and gemstones. Ecology is an important value for MOSH Jewelry: the recycling rate of the precious metals may reach 100%. The discreet but bold jewelry makes a statement about the personality and attitude of the person wearing it, and the minimalistic design endures time. MOSH Jewelry is a story of genuine, traditional handicraft with a strong, international future.